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Antelope Fun!

First I want to thank so many here on the forums for all the help, even when I was just reading others answers to others inquiries. This is my favorite site to visit. Yes


Took my son (15yr) to Wy to hunt Lopes and mulies. We had a blast and even got some stalks and shots on film. This was both of our first trips west of Ohio. We got to see a lot, hunt a lot, and talk a lot, which is important at his age. I shot 1 doe at 240yd and a 13.5 buck at 270yd. Don't get to take these range of shots back home. My son shot 2 doe, 85yd & 115yd. The entire trip was simply awesome. We will definately be going back again. Both of our first lope and mulie.

I am already looking to Colorado for my first elk hunt. Seems like the easiest state to draw with OTC tags. I'll be hitting the elk forums soon! LOL.

I'll try to get some pic up soon! And again, thanks to everyone who contributes on these boards, I really appreciate it. Thumbs up


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That's awesome Bone

That's awesome Bone Collector!!!!  There is nothing like spending quality time in the field as father and son!  And, to top it off, you were able to harvest 4 nice antelope!  A huge congrats to you and your son!

Now, get the photos and story up so we can see them lol

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Yeah, that's pretty awesome

Hunting Wyoming antelope is definitely one of the funnest hunts you can do with your kids.  It's always fun to read about other's experiences hunting antelope too.  I'd love to read your story and check out the videos and pics.  Please post them up and let us all enjoy your hunt vicariously!

Thanks and congrats on a great trip.  Maybe we'll see you up there next year!

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That is great you and your

That is great you and your son got out west hunting together. I am sure your son learned more on this trip than he would have sitting in a class room. Also just spending that special time together cannot be compaired to anything else. Congratulations on filling your tags and having a great time. Looking forward to seeing those photos and reading the story. As for the elk hunt, OTC tags are good but consider putting in for a limited draw tag first as usually hunting is better in these game units. Also if you do not draw you will get a point for the for the next year and you can still do an OTC hunt. Read thru the elk forum and do not hesitate to ask question. If you know a few units you are thinking of hunting ask as someone will know the area and give you some ideas or advice. Again congratulations on a great hunt. 

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Awesome Trip

Congrats on a successful and fun trip. Having your boy there was a huge success in and of itself. Getting our young boys and girls out and enjoying Gods creation and a harvest of it is something that we all need to do. Not enough parents are teaching thier kids about our hunting heritage. Great job BoneCollector. As for the elk hunt, my three buddies are on thier way home from a diy elk hunt in Steamboat CO. They went on the rifle hunt that started this past Saturday. They purchased thier tags over the counter. They also purchased a cow tag. Sad to say they are coming home empty handed due to lack of planning (scouting) and the storm they encountered a few days ago. So make sure all your ducks are in order like you did on the antelope and mulie hunt. Anyways, good luck on all your hunts to come, both you and your boy.  Kevin 

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Congrats on a great fun

Congrats on a great fun filled huting trip.  I really enjoy all the trips I have taken with my dad whether we fill our tags or not.  I cannot wait until my 6 year old can start carrying a gun with me...gonna be alot of fun. 

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Work has not let up since I

Work has not let up since I returned from my hunt. Here is a pic of my 1st lope and 1st buck at 14" and my son with his harvest. We had an awesome time!

DSCN0032.JPG3.43 MB
DSCN0022.JPG3.91 MB
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Congrats to you and your son

Congrats to you and your son on a great hunt! Hope you had a good time. Thumbs up

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I'm looking forward to my first Wyoming speed goat hunt in 2012.

I'd be proud to have any of those animals. You are fortunate in that you had your son with you and he his Dad.


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Good job BC and I'm glad we

Good job BC and I'm glad we were able to help you out so that you could have a fun, successful hunt!

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  Congrats BoneCollector and


Congrats BoneCollector and to your Son!  An awesome adventure plus some great harvests = great memories!  Just another WY success story that makes it easier for me to decide on a hunt there next year.  Thanks for sharing yours.

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