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antelope & coyote rifle

im thinking about buying a rifle.living in iowa right now i really only can use one for coyotes but i may start going out west antelope hunting. i was wondering what the best rifle i could by that would be good for both animals. or should i get 2 seperate guns. thanks

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antelope & coyote rifle

25.06 is a good choice ,bullets weights 100 -120 grains
270 with 130 grain bullets and you have the options of heavier bullets for bigger game should you need it

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antelope & coyote rifle

Yup I'd agree. .25-06 Rem is an excellent choice. You may even consider the 6mm Rem, but it's not as widely available as the .25-06.

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antelope & coyote rifle

.243 winchester. 80 grains for the 'yotes and 100 grains for antelope or deer. Some states allow .22 caliber high powers for big game also. .223 or 22-250 would be a fine choice. 25-06 a bit too much for coyotes in my opinion but a more than adequate antelope round.

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antelope & coyote rifle

Another vote for the .243. I use 75-80 gr for coyotes, 100 gr for antelope and deer.

Wyoming has restrictions that preclude the use of any of the .22 centerfires mentioned above.

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antelope & coyote rifle

You would have a good yote and Antelope gun with the 243. Not too big for yotes and not too small for antelope. Yes

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antelope & coyote rifle

243 loaded with 85 grain Barnes Triple Shocks and hunt what ever the hell you want up to Mulies. Fast and hits like a ton of bricks. Best of luck.

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