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I can't remember where the thread for game animal photo's is so I'm gonna stick this in here. Thought I'd lost this neg in the house fire some years ago but found it with my dog photo's and the King Canyon fire photo.

These two were off Tub Springs Loop only about a mile from where the fire was but a couple years earlier. Took two frames and in the first, the broadside animal squated to relieve itself just as I shot the photo. then got this one next. I had a beautiful 11x14 of it matted and framed that I did lose in the house fire.

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nice pic Don Thumbs up

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I hope I score myself one of those this year.

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Super photo Don. I seen alot of Speed goats in wyoming last week which is common but 2 were very close to record bucks already at this time of year wich i thought was rare, some one is gunna be a lucky goat hunter there this year if either of the 2 i seen are havested

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