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Another Texas trip finished.

Just got back from SW Texas this morning and had a great time as usual. Spent 4 days hunting and managed to get a nice aoudad in some really rough country on the first day leaving time for some night fox hunting and then found some free range blackbuck and corsicans we were able to go after for a really good price.

Took my aoudad the first evening with a 520 yard cross canyon shot. Nearly lost him over the edge of a 300ft cliff but stopped him just 10ft short with a second shot. Those animals are really tough for sure.

My son got the the only grey fox but we did call in 4 others just couldn't get on them fast enough.

Took the blackbuck at 100 yards while it was fighting with another one. He thought he killed him himself and continued to thrash and impale him until he saw me aproaching.

My son and I killed 3 corsicans between us on the last day in the area between 100 and 200 yards. 

All hunting was done between Comstock, Del Rio, and Sonora. Temperature was around freezing the entire trip, Quite a surprise for sure.

The aoudad hunting was along the Devils River and was amazing seeing around 100 in the 2 days we were in the area.

Quinton, If you read this I dropped my aoudad off with Matt and when I get a chance will be picking the head up while I wait for the mount to be ready to put together. I'll send you a message when I do and maybe can meet up.

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Sounds like a great trip and

Sounds like a great trip and some nice animals.

Too bad you had to leave the cool temperatures of Texas for the deep freeze here in Colorado but you can't have fun all the time.

I am to the point that in a month I'll be sitting in Arizona after javelina again.

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Good luck on your javelina

Good luck on your javelina hunt!

You're right, it was merely cool there in comparison to here. 

I considered Az this spring as I have my hunting license there but had too many other things going on already.

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Congrats on your harvest.

Congrats on your harvest. I'll be going on my NM Aoudad hunt in a couple of weeks. I'll keep everyone posted as to how thing are going.

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Nice Story. Glad you had a

Nice Story. Glad you had a good time!

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