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Another season comes to a close.

Well the first season is over and my son was unable to fill his tag here at home in 444. We only had two days off and after work to hunt but we had a great time. We only saw a few elk on public land and he passed up some cows hoping to get a bull but it never worked out. We saw a couple but just couldn't bring it together. Interestingly we have seen a ton of elk but most of them were all down in the fields on private land already. No snow up high really yet but we saw 6 herds numbering from 10 to over 100 elk in different fields. Usually only one or two bulls per herd. We also did not hear a sound from any of them this week over here. Neearly all of these elk were seen in the 6500 to 7500 foot raneg by the way. 

Two days off nad we'll be back out again after some deer. Same thing only 2 days off and after work with 4 buck tags to try and fill do we're not going to be picky at all and just try and get more meat in the freezer. Good luck to everyone heading out again on Saturday.

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Hunter, too bad you could not

Hunter, too bad you could not fill your sons tag but you and your family have had a great year so far for sure. That is great you still have deer tags and hope you can score on that hunt. Not sure what the deal is with the elk this year but it is just more proof that as soon as we think we understand them, they change the rules of the game. You have got to love chasing this crazy critters. Good luck with the deer hunt.

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Sorry to hear that he didn't

Sorry to hear that he didn't connect on an elk.  Sounds like he had an opportunity or two, but he made his decision.  Glad to see he stuck to his guns, shows some patience.

I am sure that, more than anything, he will remember hunting with his Dad more, regardless of whether or not he killed something.  Those are good times.  I will be going back 3 weeks from today to hunt with my Dad, and even though the odds are against me for shooting a deer, I could care less (almost Wink )

Glad you guys had a good time!

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I've heard the elk are in the

I've heard the elk are in the lower wintering ranges from others too.  Kind of a weird year that way.

Too bad about not getting his bull.  Are you planning on trying to go out in a late season with your son?  Or is he older and hunts with an adult tag?  Hopefully, getting after the deer in just a few days will add some more fun to the season.

Good luck.  Smack a nice one!

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  Sorry to hear your son was


Sorry to hear your son was not able to fill his tag in those two very short days out with his Dad.  It is great though that he could pass up cows in order to focus on the bull.  Nothing lost about that as it was done with you.

The start of my 1st rifle season also was that the elk were gone and lower than what was expected.

I wish you and your son success and more great memories are made while deer hunting.  Another short two days together but always worth it!


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