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Another Newbie here...

Hi all!
I'd love to learn the ins and outs of hunting and I've finally met someone that I would trust to learn from.

With that said, does anyone have any recommendations on what rifle I should consider purchasing?

I'd like something very reliable and durable.
I'm totally new to hunting but am ready to get geared up and learn!
Oh, I'd hunt mainly mule deer.

Any info would be great, thanks!

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Another Newbie here...

Welcome to BGH.
For my first rifle I would buy a Bolt action 30.06, the most versatile rifle ever manufactured, with a variety of ammo suitable for any animal in North America.
There are many,many fine calibres on the market, some better than others for specific game/purposes......but the 30.06 pretty well covers it all.

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Another Newbie here...

WELCOME aboard Mario Big smile Youv'e made 2 Big steps in learning about hunting.
1. You have found someone to show you the ropes, that's worth a whole bunch.
2. You joined up with BGH, I'm sure all you questions can be answered right here Thumbs up

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Another Newbie here...

Welcome to BGH!

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Another Newbie here...

Go get yourself a tried and proven Remington 700 in a 30.06. You will find they have synthetic stocks and wood stocks. Since you are new there is no reason to overwhelm you with information. The salesman may try to tell you one thing or another is better but you can't go wrong with this rifle no matter what stock or other options you get on it. Just get what you like and worry later on about wood vs. synthetic or other options.

Then make sure you get quality optics put on it. Don't go too cheap or you will regret it. Then buy a few boxes of Remington Core-Lok't 150 gr bullets. This has been tried and proven and you should have decent accuracy right out of the box.

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Another Newbie here...

great answer rather be huntin Thumbs up i have the same gun in .22-250 for varminting and i love it. As for the .30-06 i've never shot one. I use a .270 for all of my big game hunting needs and it works great. But ive heard a lot of good about the 06. Guess it's just whatever you like.

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