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Hey there, Im needing some help. I am SO TOTALLY NEW to Bowhunting I cant even tell you!!! That being said a buddy of mine handed over his HIGH COUNTRY to me and is letting me get used to it. The problem is, and I realized it today, this bow is not set up for me at all. So now Im looking at getting a bow of my own and was wondering what suggestions you all might have. I live in TN and am just looking to get something to start off with, nothing to expensive, or new, but nothing that wouldn't serve the purpose either. I would like to practice during the coming year and be ready when the season opens. Thanks ahead of time for the info!!

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The best advice I can give is to find a bow shop and go handle the bows, find the one within your price range and that you like and then let them help you set it up.

There are plenty of lower price bows that are quality and will serve you well. You just have to see what is available in your area.

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If your buddy gave you a bow, take it to an archery shop and see if they'll help fit it to you. They will likely charge a small fee for the time and effort, but it sure beats buying a brand new bow. Buying a bow, can be like getting a computer. You buy the bow itself, but now it needs everything else, rest, arrows, tips, quiver, release, sights, silencers, and other stuff. I'd take in the one you got, use it for a year, then buy a new bow. It will give you the oppertunity to find out a thing or two that you do and don't like. It will help you buy the bow you will like later. I have an old High Country i bought on the cheap from a guy. I was going to use it for a year and get a new one. I just completed year 7 with it and have no plans in upgrading. Funny how that stuff works out.

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Thats funny, i have never really bow hunted either and my dads friend lent us his High Country bow and we had to get it fitted for us. but i agree with tator u should get it fixed
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