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Another A Hunt Above Hunt

On New Years Day we hosted another "A Hunt Above" hunt down in Copiah Co. Ms. This hunt was a little different than ones in the past. This young fella was not a kid, well not in age! Let me introduce y'all to Jason! He's in his later 20's and has Cerebral Palsy. We recieved his application and talked in length about whether to take him since he was in his twenties. Jason has the mental level of a 13 year old person. After we thought and prayed about it we came to the conclusion that even though he had the age/body of an adult he has a kid inside. When I called his mother to let her know that we had accepted the application and were going to take Jason hunting she was very emotional in his acceptance. After a death in their family last week we were able to get his hunt lined up, the first day of 2007!! Tony Jr. (Co-Director) picked up Jason around 12 pm and headed off for his big adventure. Tony met me on the road and we headed down to deer camp. Once we arrived we unloaded and had the usual deer camp chats.

We decided to let Jason shoot the 260 to make sure it was sighted in okay. Tony and myself stayed behind while my son and a family freind of Jason's (David) went with Jason to sight in the gun. Jason learned about a scope!!!! He skinned his nose pretty good and we weren't sure if he'd shoot the gun again. We got him cleaned up and Tony, David and Jason headed to the stand. They arrived at the stand and was hunting by 3:00!! By 3:30 Jason was getting cold and his nose started running. He would sniffle and Tony was thinking, "A deer will hear this a mile off"!!! Just after 4 pm Jason did one of his sniffles and Tony noticed a deer less than 40 yards off to our right flinch when he sniffled. Tony told Jason there was a deer to be very quiet and don't make a sound. The deer turned back and walked away a little and turned and came back in the field! Tony noticed the split on one of the deers horns so he got the gun and looked at the deer thru the scope. Tony saw it was a nice 4 point and asked Jason if he wanted this buck. Without blinking he took the gun and said, "Yes sir". Here is the video of the kill!


Here is some video of the call home to mama!

Jason was above cloud 9!! He thanked God first and looked up to heaven and thanked his grandmother for being there with him. He said he could feel her spirit! Here are some pics of Jason and his deer. It was a five point!!

Jason and his family friend David!

Jason and Tony

And yes, Jason got the old hunters introduction!!!

All the glory goes to God!
We'd like to also thank:
Mr Russ who donated the hunt
John Brogan, who's daughter donated in his honor for a Christmas Present
Mr. Allen Smith of Wood's Tire & ATV in New Albany, MS
All that have helped make these kinda hunts happen.

Jason will get a mount and all the meat processed!

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Another A Hunt Above Hunt

That looks like one proud young man. I'm going to go check out the video.

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Another A Hunt Above Hunt

That was great! Thumbs up Jason was so excited to get that buck. Good job you guys.

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Another A Hunt Above Hunt

Great job on the hunt.

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