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We actually counted 7

We actually counted 7 different camps. Strangely 2 of the guys we talked to were looking for bear. I guess there's a few in that area but not a lot. I think we saw so many is because most of the places with a lot of land have limited access points and they get funneled into those areas. That's why I'm looking at some of the smaller or less desirable looking areas so I won't be bothered by anyone else. Plus sage grouse opens tomorrow and some guys even go camp for them according to the game warden we talked to.


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I think that unit 10 could be

I think that unit 10 could be a lot like other hard to draw units in the state.  You only have x amount of hunters but for every hunter you will have 2 or 4 support people to give them a hand.  Like you said with sage grouse opening up that would add to the hunters also.  I know that when I draw a tag over in Utah for them I'll usually spend the night before it opens over there, and it isn't just because of the drive. 

One thing that I have learned about areas with limited tags is that there are usually a lot of extra support people with the hunter.  When my brother in law drew a buffalo tag over in Utah in 2008 there were 52 tags let out for that season.  For every hunter there were up to 10 extra people in every camp and we were no exception.  We had 9 extra pairs of hands for the hunt for the first weekend.  It was kind of funny in that on the opening morning we were sitting where we could see the road coming into the area and while it was still dark you would of thought that we were sitting on I-70 with the number of trucks and 4 wheelers that were headed up that road. 

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Could they have been hunting

Could they have been hunting something else, or is elk the primary thing there this time of year?  Maybe they had people accompanying them on their hunts.....

At least you saw a nice looking bull!

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