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Greenwood Village (south of Denver)

There was a big debate in Greenwood Village south of Denver awhile back.  After many complaints the city council set down rules under which the police and private property owners could start killing coyotes within the city limits -- the later only on there own property and only if their bullet doesn't leave their property.  Here's a link to a Jan 2010 article on the topic.


Interesting.  I think things have been pretty quiet coyote-wise in Greenwood Village since they adopted more aggressive tactics.  I'm surprised with the recent attacks that the Denver Post hasn't done a follow up piece on the effectiveness of the Greenwood Village program.  Probably wouldn't be PC to acknowledge that the program there might be working.

What I can't figure out is why there are not more incidents reported in Highlands Ranch and Parker.  Perhaps we have enough people with bedroom windows facing the open spaces to keep things under control -- if you know what I mean.  I don't have any firsthand knowledge... just speculating.

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Wasn't it Greenwood Village

Wasn't it Greenwood Village that they borough in a professional hunter to take out the coyotes?  I know that I heard that they did in in a area over there.   

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  Yes it was that city that


Yes it was that city that contracted/hired a professional - according to the link that jcbrown99 provided in his last post.  It states that the city did indeed hire somebody but they later resigned as he was getting death threats from the "irrate" local citizens. 

Real nice - wanting to kill a human being doing their job and preventing further injury or loss of life (human child or pet) just to save some coyotes.  Nice thinking - NOT!


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