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Another bull down!

Fellow hunters, I went ahead and purchased an Eastern plains list C either sex tag and headed out to an area me and my elk hunting compadres are getting familiar with on Friday. Didn't see any fresh sign and heard no bugles and made our way to the top of a very rugged and nasty canyon. Decided to try some cow calling just to see if we'd shake anything loose even though we thought our chances were slim to none. My partner hit a few cow calls and about two minutes later as I scanned the canyon I see a brown from about 600 hundred yards down in the canyon and immediately throw my glass on it. Well, with the glass I confirm it's and elk a bull in fact slowly  walking our way and exclaim, "I see a bull"!!! My partner, Manuel, gets a bead on him with his glasses right before he walks into trees and we lose sight of him. We felt good in that he was heading to the call that was obvious, but he headed into trees at the bottom slope of the canyon and we couldn't see him any longer. We sneak about ten yards further right to the rim of this canyon behind a cedar tree. I get into a shooting a position and we wait and scan. Took that bull about fifteen minutes to cover about 500 yards, but I knew he was coming as I could hear rocks rolling loose down below in the direction he was headed towards us. My bud, Manuel, was a little worried we might not see him again. He teased me later that I was forcefully telling him, "He's coming, he's coming, I hear him"!

Finally Manuel sounds off, "There he is" and I see this bull below us at what I judged was 200 yards coming around a huge boulder on the rimrock of the canyon. He is facing straight onto us and Manuel says "shoot, shoot". I paste the cross hairs of the 270 I was using on his chest and let one fly. The bull didn't even flinch but instead stood their like a statue looking up in our direction. I work the bolt crank another round at him and miss as I see dirt fly from where the bullet hit. I work the bolt again and as I'm settling the cross hairs He slightly turns to his right giving me a clear shot at his shoulder and I let my third shot fly. We hear the unmistakable whomp of a hit and he starts turning back the way he came and then faces straight down and steps behind some cedars and I then hear rocks rolling and crashing and I know he's going down. We glass to see if we can pick him up again but we see nothing but hear more rocks crash loose and feel good that he's down.

Took us about twenty minutes of descending this huge canyon face and I find him about twenty yards below my last sight of him pinned against a cedar dead as a doornail. We found I hit him in the chest with the first shot and then in the shoulder with my third both giving him fatal hits into the vitals. He was a nice 5x5 bull and I'll tell the 270 fans that caliber impressed the hell outta me with the way it put that bull down with 150 gr bullets. We took pics and then got down to dismantling this bull for pack out. Took that evening and the next day for me, and Manuel's nephew, Josh, to pack that bull outta that canyon. I'm telling you it was darn near suicial ascending that canyon wall, but we did it. I gotta give my primo, Josh, credit, he's in his early twenties and quite an accomplished elk hunter killing his first bull at 12 with a bow. He didn't hesitate to help me pack that bull out of a hell hole and has my undying respect for his toughness and love of elk hunting. My primos, Manuel and Josh, are some hardcore elk hunting nuts and I love hunting with em. Nothing beats elk hunting or hunting period and that was a helluva hunt!

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NO WAY!!!! I know Manual!

HOLY!!!!!!! Funny, I got this text to me yesterday by Manuel!!!! So cool!!! Congrats man, congrats!! What a small world...I'm trying to hook up with Manual for a duck/goose hunt on my way down south deer hunting over Thanksgiving week!


Very, very cool!


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Congratulations on a great

Congratulations on a great bull!! It's exciting enough to get out there when you think your chances are good but it's great when you head out with low expectations and are able to do as well as you guys did. We did similar yesterday but as we waited for the bull to get closer somebody else popped him from another angle.

Sounds like you've been having a great year.

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Nice shootin'

That's awesome.  I've never seen nor heard elk out East, but then I've never hunted for them out there either. 

Great story and pics.  Thanks for sharing them.


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Thanks guys!

HeavyC, I agree that's pretty crazy Manual is a mutual partner of ours! In addition to being hooked on elk him and Josh love goose and duck hunting. I know from posts you've made you're a pretty avid bird hunter yourself and described you (your biggamehunt handle) to Manuel after he mentioned the waterfowl site he frequents. He knew you immediately and said you were his partner. We both tripped pretty good on that. As you probably already know Manuel is one helluva a game caller. He can call elk in like nobody's business and when we were at his truck one day he had a goose caller and hit some notes and I'll tell you what he sounded perfect on that call. I would've thought it was the real deal if'n he wasn't standing next to me! Him and Josh are insisting I join them for some goose and duck hunting this year and I'd be a fool to pass up an offer like that. They really are some guys who love to hunt and help a friend out and have offered to assist me in finding a big Eastern plains buck to fill my archery tag with. We've got horses and there both the kind of men you can count on to pack an animal out of even the ugliest nastiest hell hole! They'd do it for me and likewise I'd do it for them. Hopefully we'll get a chance to sling some steel shot at some birds together this year. Look forward to meeting you my friend!

hunter25, man that's a bummer someone else was able to pop that bull your party had coming in! I sincerely hope you are able to get back out there and get a bigger bull to come in and drop the hammer on him. Yeah this year so far hasn't been too darn bad for me. I was kinda bummed for antelope as I had one day to hunt and the day I went the winds were gusting 40 to 50 mph and the goats were spooked and we couldn't get within 350 yards to them. Those winds and distance don't make for a good shooting opportunity. Me and my dad went home empty handed and I had a young cousin and her husband and baby looking forward to a goat for the freezer. I was glad I was able to bring them some elk instead. Best of luck to you on filling your tags!

COmeathunter, yeah, it's pretty freaky but in the last twenty years alot of elk have really migrated back into the Eastern plains. There are canyons out there lot of people don't know about that are huge! The canyon I shot this bull in had to be at least  1,000 ft deep. And with the river bottoms and croplands they've found some areas they really like. The thing is the numbers aren't like they are in the mountains and it can be like finding a needle in a hay stack with the huge amounts of country they cover. In our case I think we lucked out and were able to call in the one bull that was in this area. We saw nothing else to indicate the herd was hanging in this area in greater numbers. The angle was steep from where I shot him and made the distance look like he was just over 200 yards. When we went back the next day my bud, Manuel, ranged the distance and it was only 120 yards to where I hit him. It was a very steep shot angle. Good thing I was holding deadcenter as my sight in was 2 inches high at 100 yards. Again, congrats to you on filling your freezer with fine elk meat and having a great hunt!


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Very cool getting to put those eastern plains tags to good use

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Way to make it happen !


Congrats on a excellent bull ! You are really getting it done. Thanks for sharing the great story and pics. Well done ! Thumbs up


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That's awesome SoCo!!!  A

That's awesome SoCo!!!  A great story, nice photos, and a great bull!  Very cool how he worked his way up to you, and as I plan on my hunt for next fall, I keep learning things as I read all of the posts of you gys who have had success.  Today's lesson is, no matter how much you thinkt hey rut is over, or the buls won't respond, it never hrts to call... Wink

A big congrats to you!  You can tell by the photos that where you shot him is in a rough spot! 

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Congrats on a fine looking

Congrats on a fine looking bull.  I have always seen those eastern plains elk tags and hav wondered where they would hang out.  I know the elk used to roam there before man pushed them to the mountains.  What are the numbers like out there?  I bet they can grow some big ones out there two....corn feed....ummmm goooood.

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  And I thought my hunt was


And I thought my hunt was an adventure!!!  That was a very neat adventure and a great success - congrats SoCokHntr!!!  The success rates for plains elk hunts has to be very low.  You definitely beat the odds and beat them with a great harvest!  Excellent and thanks for sharing the pics and story.


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Cool looking Elk thanks for

Cool looking Elk thanks for sharing

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