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Annual West Texas Hunting Lease

Annual 2,300 acre hunting lease located between Sonora and Ozona. Lease is for whitetail, turkey, small game birds. There are a limited amount of hogs that are available and the place does have exotics. However the exotics are not included this year. As the land owner wants to allow the exotic hunting to rest. The place is rough and beautiful. This area is arid but has thick (tall) cedar, scattered oak, with steep hills and canyons. There is water on the place in the form a livestock troughs utilized by the game. There is at least one cabin, if not two, or hotel accommodations about 30 miles away. The price is $1,500 per gun.
The place is divided in two pastures. The smaller is over 500 acres(which has been resting for two years). The land owner wants two guns on the smaller and six on the remaining larger pasture. Land owner prefers 8 hunters take the entire place, or two groups of 2 and 6.
I am posting this as a favor to the land owner. It is a long story, but the short version is that I was between leases for a short time, and almost leased his smaller pasture. I spent several phone conversations and the better part of two days scouting his smaller pasture. I did like it very much but decided on a separate lease that better suited my needs. I did make a strong connection to the land owner as he and his wife appeared to be very sincere individuals. I saw potential in the lease, but was actually more attracted to the potential I saw in them. I am confident that like- minded hunters could work out a relationship with them that would be rewarding for several years.
I do not want to list his telephone number publically, but any interested party can email and I will gladly turn you over to them. My email is

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