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animals eating dog food?

what animals eat dog food {BESIDES DOGS}??

just wondering cause i set my cam bait with dog food. Brick Wall,)

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animals eating dog food?

I would guess practically anything that eats meat. Think

I would also guess any animal that crosses it will be curious enough to stop and give a smell

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If you had a dish full on the doorstep for the dog ,then you can bet the coons and skunks will be into it .On a drive through the country just at dark I rounded a corner on an old dirt road .There was a house not far off the road and the lights hit the house and lit up the doorstep .There was 2 coons into a gog bowl . You might even have an odd brazzen coyote visit the bowl . Redrider said it . Almost all animals will eat dogfood .I've even seen birds eating it ..[/b]

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