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...And Round #1 Goes To The Goats!

Bash f'n bugged eyed bastards anyway!!

So, back from a week long adventure on my first ever bow hunt and a traditional longbow at that. (Just added that in; not really relevant) Put right around 2500mi on The Little Mule and saw so many places named no-where that my GPS could not hold all the waypoints! Go ahead and try n figure out why I tried for speed goats right off the bat & in an unusually wet year! :stupid:

I must say, I sure saw some sights though ... Mr. Cool! Way cool!

Made a couple of greats stalks on two world class goats only to watch them walk away never even knowing I was there. One I actually had no idea was a monster till I crawled the last 50 yds up a slope to sit under his nose for over half an hour :banghead: Two trucks 1.5 miles away spooked him away. Man what a week it was trekking around the great plains!

Though a beginner at yet another game and method of take; I am gonna try and list a few of the top things I learned this week; and defintately looking for dialogue to dispute, concur, laugh at, call Bellview on me, etc...

#10 - Those f'n bugged eyed bastards are always watching you!!!! Evil! Doesn't matter, they are always looking right at you! 100yds....1mile....2miles...no matter, those big bucks especially! ...know darn well where you are at!

#9 - Wet years suck! w/ puddles on every rock, they sure never come near the big waterholes!

#8 - Easier to stalk a loan buck than one with a herd of any size! (i.e... I had great stalks on all the [3] loners, and only [1] for [4] w/ the one decent one on a herd that the dam wind messed up!

#7 - Knowing how to stalk helps more than you can appreciate! (Sure am glad I hunted those big mulies all these years!)

#6 - Pray to the God of WIND! Then see number #7 above!

#5 - Southeastern Colorado is one big arse :arse: desert! Bring plenty of water! (Sure glad I had my Katadyn Pro-Guide filter! Mighta had to carry water on a dry year)

#4 - Public land in Colorado holds some absolute monster pronghorn bucks! WIA land all seemed to have goats on it! (Shhhh....secret....The real biggies were in the Nat Grassy Lands though!) I also found another interesting thing happen in two seperate areas we were watching for several days. These two areas held lots of these desert rats. We watched both areas for 3 or 4 days each. During the first day at each, we found two distinct herds with smaller bucks leading them. In both areas we located VERY large bucks within ~2 miles. For the next couple of days at each, the same set-up occurred. On the 3rd or 4th day respectively, we returned to find the monsters in control of all the does around and the smaller bucks hanging around the fringes. At the same time in a third area, we found another monster had taken over a small heard that we had only seen a small buck at. It also now contained several more does. This all occurred the days following severe weather occurring in the area.

#3 - The ranchers that get a few duckets for putting their land into the WIA program simply RULE! Ran into a few and they all were super nice and directed me to the goats they knew of! Put me right on them, offered to let me hunt & park other places, told me which gates to go through, etc, etc,... YEAH BOYEEE!

#2 - Colorado is friggin bad arse!

& #1 - I just gotta kill sumtin soon! Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,) The hoppers were as big as teal and I thought this one was a hen mallard! ...heck, it flew fast and it had orange legs!!

p.s...Headed back out Mon morn to try again! Cause like I have stated before; I am ... Unsure Confused confused? What?

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...And Round #1 Goes To The Goats!

I think you said it all. I go in October, but with a rifle.

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...And Round #1 Goes To The Goats!

Thanks for the story HeavyC! lol

Keep us posted. Hope you get your goat soon!

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