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Ammunition Accountability

I ran across this rather fascinating web site:


An article about the technology and the lobby group:


I find it fascinating because, you have a patent holder (monopoly) hiring a lobbyist in order to jump start their business model. Talk about a 21st century business...

Never mind that the idea of bullet stamping is simplistic. Presumably they would ban reloading, reloading components, and reloading equipment in the process.

By analogy, maybe they should only allow the sale of knives that have a unique cutting pattern to each knife. Then each knife will be registered and recorded in a national database (requiring a background check). That way police will be able to quickly track down the perp in a stabbing case. Makes complete sense if you don't know a lick about knives.

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Ammunition Accountability

Like a few other gun control arguments it seems reasonable on the surface. The problem is it has so much potential for abuse in addition to the fact that it doesnt really work that well. Among other things higher ammo prices would result.

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Ammunition Accountability

I guess it goes without saying, too, that a database that records purchasers of millions of rounds of ammunition would mean the government would have a record of every round you own. How long do you think it'd be before the cops would demand access to that data so they could know what firearms and ammo you have in your home before they come visit? I bet a lot of people in New Orleans would be nervous about that one.

Of course, maintaining the integrity of the program would require that ammunition not be transferred between people without going through a licensed dealer so the serial numbers could be recorded. Picture a box of .22LR that's had ten rounds fired out of it...somebody's going to have to figure out which ten serial numbers are missing. Similarly, if somebody steals your ammo you're going to have to be able to tell the authorities which serial numbers were stolen vs which ones you had already used.

Bear in mind that the only place you could stamp the bullets and have a chance of data remaining after impact would be if you stamped the base -- how would you track serial numbers after the box is opened?

Good heavens if you have two partial boxes and combine them to save space. Heaven forbid that your ammo should get mixed with a buddy's at the range.

And am I to assume that every pellet in a box of #9 birdshot would have to have a serial number engraved on it?

I've got to stop...this rabbit hole is bottomless and I could go on for hours.

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