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When I went sandhill crane

When I went sandhill crane hunting in Texas last year that is the exact same load that I used for them as well and there are'nt many birds bigger out there that you can hunt. Of course they decoyed in really well and no shots were more than 15 yards away and those big birds don't pick up speed very fast in the air. They worked very well for us.

Since I had a bunch left I took those out for ducks and geese as well the one time I went with a friend last year but I never got to fire a shot so I'm not sure how well I would have done.

Btw mine were those new Remington hypersteel loads supposedly clocking out at 1700 fps.

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Mass vs Velocity

In it's simplest physics form - 1/2 M x V/sq = E

As mass doubles............ Energy doubles

As Velocity doubles ........... Energy QUADRUPLES

Speed kills, however, a nice balance of speed and shot mass gives best results. Neither by itself will get the job done.

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Since the mandate of steel for waterfowl the 2 3/4 inch shells fell out of favor due to the heavier 3 inch and 3 1/2 inch steel load shells. In the old days of cheap lead shot those 2 3/4 worked just fine.  Steel loads in that size have proven less than desireable.  I use 3 inch for my waterfowl, No. 2 for ducks, Winchester Xpert Steel, Remington Steel, or Federal Steel, whichever I can get cheapest.  For Geese I like BB and T shot.

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