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Ammo Prices

No only has price gone up, but the places I shop locally for handgun target ammo seem to be out of stock more frequently of many brands and types that they once stocked in abundance. Lately I see a lot of off brands or remanufactured stuff from unknown makers. Noticed this started happening around the end of 2005.

Could be that all the good stuff from Winchester, Federal, Black Hills, and CCI-Speer is in short supply because distributor stock piles have finally dried up, and because these companies have won contracts to supply the DoD and other federal agencies with ammo, so a good portion of their efforts and materials are spoken for.

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Ammo Prices

As the price of ammo increases, more folks will be paying more attention to their rifle selections. Some ammo is just outrageous. Sure makes the old faithfuls, like 30.06, look better than ever. Not much sense owning something if the pinch in the pocket sets you back more than any possible Recoil. Think

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Ammo Prices

picked up a box of 300 wsm winny supreme xp3 this morning.....$50 plus tax howsha goin hahahah eye roll

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Ammo Prices

I started shooting the 30/30 and .22 more due to cost. I just sold the 30/30 though, so I guess I'll be plinking alot with the 22.

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Ammo Prices
wonksy wrote:
picked up a box of 300 wsm winny supreme xp3 this morning.....$50 plus tax


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