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Hello. I am new to hunting, I hunt in New York State. I am buying my 1st rifle, a Remington 700. I am unsure of which caliber to get. I am open to all suggestions but am leaning twords a 30-06 or a 300 win mag. I hunt mostly deer but want a gun I can grow with. Thanks

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Either caliber will be fine for deer and would be sufficient for elk and black bear. For the 30-06 you would probably want to run 150 grain bullets for deer and 180 grain for elk or black bear. Another caliber to consider is the 7mm.

Good Luck!

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If this is your first rifle, I'd lean toward the .30-06. It's a bit more forgiving than the 300 in terms of recoil, and the difference in ballistics would be made up for in accuracy because you're more comfortable shooting the gun.

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I agree with Ex. The 30-06 is fine for just about any N.A. game. Recoil is manageable and ammo selection is great. 308 Win is another fine choice as it is the short action version of the 30-06

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