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Am I missing something

Ok, so I go to the atm yesterday to take out a few bucks.  As I'm punching in my number I see a little plug and button for earphones.  My guess is it's for blind people who can't see the screen so it reads it to them.  What really struck me as odd though was this was at a drive thru atm !?!?

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Thats kinda funny, unless

Thats kinda funny, unless atm's come out of the factory with the same features I dont really see the need for a feature for blind folks on a drive thru atm. I hope blind people dont drive, but i guess with the way some drive in my town you'd think they were blind.

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Kinda makes sense to me as

Kinda makes sense to me as there are pretty scary drivers out there and I wlways thought they must be blind or can't read...LOL.  Does make you wonder what that might be for....must be standard on all machines.

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Maybe there are cars that

Maybe there are cars that have earphone jacks that explain what is going on around your car. Maybe John Madden commentates it. You would be screwed if that was the case!

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There is always the

There is always the possibility that a passenger in the car could be blind and they pull up to let him/her withdraw money.  I know I have had to pull up to let a backseat passenger get some before.

Still funny though......

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