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Alvin Greene

You gotta love what's going on with Alvin Greene in South Carolina. I don't know which part makes me laugh more. Fist, there's Congressman Clyburn's conspiracy theory that the Republican Party planted Greene in the race -- which requires you to believe that the Republicans were desperate to take Greene's opponent out of the running -- in a state where DeMint wins by overwhelming majorities. Then, after planting Greene, they shrewdly didn't have him campaign. Then they somehow convinced the Democratic party not to do any opposition research on Greene. Then they convinced Greene's opponent to completely ignore him and not do any campaigning on his own. Then they convinced 60% of the voters to vote for Greene.

Then there's the elitist undercurrent running through it -- how did a peasant like Greene get the money to file for election? He's not one of us and shouldn't be on the ballot!

But finally, there's the sheer audacity for Clyburn to act so high and mighty about where Greene's $10,000 came from. After all, Clyburn's pockets are full of other people's money, including, including $31,000 from General Electric and $110,000 from labor unions -- over $2 million overall.


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Re: Alvin Greene

Didn't Eddie Murphy make a movie about just this kind of thing happening? If memory serves this guy is a convicted felon who somehow made it on to the ballot. I have heard it surmised that he won because his name was on the top of the ballott choices. Sad commentary really on who some people will vote for and why.

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Re: Alvin Greene

This just says FAIL in so many levels -- whether it's in terms of the party machinery or the voters. But in reference to my previous post, consider Greene's opponent. Think about what they're saying. If Greene's such a basket case, what does that say about the group of people that so badly mismanaged their own campaign that they couldn't beat him? That doesn't seem like a better alternative to me. It's like the Hare demanding the Tortoise's trophy after the race because, despite the results, everyone knows he's faster.

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Re: Alvin Greene

Although I'm admittedly under-informed on this topic, I would suggest that Mr. Greene is the benefactor of the current anti-incumbent movement sweeping the nation. This includes perceived "career politicians" who are believed to be just as undesirable by virtue of their past public service and party affiliation.
While on the surface this seems as though justice is served on the nimrods in political office, there are dangerous pitfalls in this line of thinking.
There were many discussions here on this forum about the experience level possessed by then Presidential Candidate Obama and Vice Presidential Candidate Palin with the bulk of the unfavorable experience ratings going to Obama. It has now become crystal clear that those ratings were indeed correct as it appears that President Obama is genuinely over his head.

Of course there are those pesky rumors that the White House is not controlled by Obama but that Obama is just the Puppet at the end of the string being controlled by whoever?(insert one of many names/organizations here) and that explains the long lead time before Obama acts on anything and instead just blurts out inconsistent and irrelevant statements that are obviously not fact based but more an emotional outburst. But that is another topic.

On a side note, it would appear, from the link ex provided, that Congressman Clyburn is a Union and Drug Company man. I wonder which way his vote on HealthCAre Reform went? Yuk!

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This goes to show exactly

This goes to show exactly what is wrong with a two party system. Run for office, state your issues, and if you get the most votes you win. The only place we are heading with a two party system is in the ground fast

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It is pretty funny to watch. 

It is pretty funny to watch.  He's getting smoked in the polls by the Republican though.....

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