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Alpen Optics Review: Products Worth Looking Into

May 2009 Product Review

Alpen Optics Review: Products Worth Looking Into

Alpen Optics, a company that promises quality, value and performance from their optical products. Today to a value conscious and informed consumer, putting those three words together and having them all be true seems a bit far fetched, but Alpen has done it. Based on all the product awards they have been winning from national outdoor magazines, I'm not alone in my thinking. What you are about to read in this review details my first contact with Alpen products and my initial thoughts about them, and explains why this outdoorsman/outdoor writer with over forty years in the field has replaced "all" of his high priced more advertised optics with Alpen products. Read more...

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Alpen Optics Review: Products Worth Looking Into

After getting a pair of 10x50 Apex and being extremely happy with them,I almost posted a ? regarding spotters available and realized I don't need to look far. I'll go with some Alpens.I think they are best optics you can get for $,except Leopold. Which costs more but is better still no doubt in my mind. But My Alpen glasses even impressed a guy with Swaros...

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