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Alligator Hunting: Big Business Across the South (feature)

August 2007 Feature Article:

Alligator Hunting: Big Business Across the South

Stretched taut, the rope led into the dark water, holding a prehistoric animal in an extremely bad mood at the other end.

The guide snatched the cord with a rake-like pole and pulled it toward the flatboat. Grabbing the rope, he pulled with all his might. Tangled in the aquatic vegetation, the prehistoric reptile erupted from the murk, snapping at anything it could find. Flinging vegetation and spray, the gator attempts a "death roll." Unable to chew, alligators snap their heads and roll repeatedly to rip prey apart with their razor teeth or destroy enemies. The powerful tail, almost as dangerous as the toothy jaws, whipped the black water into froth. Read more...

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Alligator Hunting: Big Business Across the South (feature)

Great article! I liked the history lesson associated with alligator hunting that it provided.

I sure would like to shoot one with my bow someday.

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Alligator Hunting: Big Business Across the South (feature)

i love the article and had the opportunity to bow hunt and kill on two occasions....these are amazing creatures and would love to hear more stories....i will try to post some pics of the hunt.

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Alligator Hunting: Big Business Across the South (feature)

I have a real good friend that is an alligator outfitter in Florida. One of these days I am going to hunt with him.

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Alligator Hunting: Big Business Across the South (feature)

I got my first gator, a 9 footer last year. He was in one of my fish ponds (agricultural operation so I diddnt need a tag although I had an extra one anyway). They are impressive critters. Plenty tasty too.

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Alligator Hunting: Big Business Across the South (feature)

Thats quality reading! We have had a gator season in Arkansas for 2 or 3 years now, but I've never tried it.

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Alligator Hunting: Big Business Across the South (feature)

I'm adding Alligator hunting to the list of things I would like to do. That sounds like it would be lots of fun. I just hope I can start doing some of the things on my list of things to do.

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Aligators in North Carolina

I'm new to this forum, I joined to learn more about hunting.
Hunting for me is a 'Bucket List', wanna do the things I missed out on when I was a young man kinda thing.

This is a post about Alligators... My client Camo4x4s is in North Carolina, so I needed to find out if there ARE any alligators in North Carolina and came up with this from University of Georgia:

Q - I am moving from Connecticut to Charlotte, North Carolina, and was wondering if alligators come as far north as Charlotte. I understand that on the coast they go almost to the Virginia border, but in all my Web searching, I cannot find where their northern inland limit is.

A - Historically, alligators were found naturally in the Carolinas as far inland as the Fall Line, which for North Carolina means mostly coastal and inland for a few miles. They actually range north of Charlotte on the coast, but do not go inland far enough to reach the Charlotte area. In the Mississippi Valley they go into northern Mississippi and Arkansas. They are also found in the southeast corner of Oklahoma and the southern parts of all the Gulf Coast states, including all of Louisiana.

One factor that confuses the geographic range issue with alligators and many other animals and plants is that people introduce them to areas far outside their natural range. The recent sighting of an alligator in a reservoir in central North Carolina and reports of alligators in even more northerly locations are a consequence of such introductions. Although alligators are unlikely to survive the winters in many northern localities, an introduced individual may persist through the summer and hence be perceived as being native to the region.


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Alligator Hunting: Big Business Across the South (feature)

The gator hunt in Fl. this year will be done the old way, Lottery way. Those of you that intend to try for a permit make sure you stay on top of this. I am gonna try to paste some more info for everyone on another post. Good luck and stay safe. Cooter Da Cajun

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as far as i'm concerned, they can get rid of all of them...i live in the center of florida and there are too many of them...we hunt with dogs and have lost about 10 (dogs) in the past 5 years or so, to alligators...got the tracking collars, so we know that's what happened to them.
dog is a delicacy to alligators...they can hear dogs barking and will go to the bark...and wait...
the only good alligator, is one on the plate, mmmmmmmmmm
the only good gator, is a florida gator!!!!!!! chomp chomp.[/i]

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Re: Alligator Hunting: Big Business Across the South (feature)

That was an intense article. I have never been on an alligator hunt but this article makes me want to get in on the action. WOW! Applause

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