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All the fuss of a flatter shooting rifle

2 5 . 0 6 fits perfectly between the 243 & the 260 Rem,snuggled beside the 257 Roberts. The best of All Worlds.

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All the fuss of a flatter shooting rifle

Duh What I meant was a rainbow trajectory with a head wind. Thumbs up

There seems to be this unsuredness that the 260 rem isn't going to make it. That would be my first choice. After that the 7-08 or 243. Stick with the 22" barrel.
The 25-06, mentioned in an earlier post, though not popular, is one of those rounds that is capable of downing game with remarkable ability and is in the comfort zone of most small framed shooters. I don't shoot anything in the .257 diameter. So I don't know what bullets are available. There was a time when the available bullets, in this diameter, weren't the best, although the 257 wby has built quite a name for itself as a plains rifle.

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All the fuss of a flatter shooting rifle

If the 260 makes it, it would be my choice also. Otherwise 6.5x55. The 257 robert's and the 250 sanage would also be great one's but un-fortunately great one's don't always last. The 25-06 is a fine one but for one thing. It makes a pretty good fuss when it goes off and sometimes precieved recoil can mess things up for you. But if they can handle a 308, the 25-06 should be great.

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