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alberta moose guides

I have posted this to Western Canada forum nobody replied. Let me also try here, can you guys recommend any guides in Alberta Canada for moose rifle hunting



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Try  www.outfittersrating.com  you can search by province and see the ratings from past clients on outfitters that are registered on the site. Good Luck on your hunt should you choose to go Thumbs up .



 Oh yes search by map for the province you wish to hunt....

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Sorry about that...I can't help you as the only moose guides I know personally are in Ontario. I would suggest, if you're able, to watch a few moose hunting TV/videos and see where they go. Chances are if a TV crew ever returns to film a second show; or other TV crews regularly visit the place its a pretty good operation.

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not much help

I'm not much help either but the North American Hunt Club has a list of "member approved" guides.

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Alberta Outfitter

I hunted with these guys last year and really enjoyed it.


 I got really lucky and killed a B&C 60" bull. The area they hunt a 45" is concidered big, so don't expect monster moose.

With you moose hunt you also get 2 bear tags, mule deer, & wolf tags. I saw alot of bears but decided not to shoot because between the wife & I we already have 3 black bears in the house. I think the area is weak on mule deer. Did see one wolf but he was there and gone before I could take a shot. The camp is remote and accessed by Argos.

It is a father son guide team and they split the hunters up between the two. Everyone in camp could have killed a moose but 3 of the 5 hunters passed on bulls the guide told them were shooters waiting on something bigger.

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