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Alberta coyote hunting

I'm a US citizen and would love to make a week long coyote hunting trip next fall or winter. I grew up on a small ranch in western ND, hunt by the rules, hunt safely and truly enjoy the outdoors.

I've checked into outfitters or guides but they are very expensive and being newly married with a newborn my resources are limited Are there any coyote hunting organizations or clubs in Alberta that may welcome a new comer? I'm looking for an Alberta resident host hunter to team up with. I don't like hunting tournaments but am a die hard hunter. I don't have problems with cold weather and am not afraid to get out and put on some miles.

I would be willing to pay for all the fuel, food etc. and would be willing to let the host hunter keep the fur. I love calling coyotes and only use mouth calls but am open to electronic calls. Also, I would consider trading a ND pheasant hunt if there is interest.

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I've tried to find coyote

I've tried to find coyote hunting opportunities down here in CO and have had the same amount of responses that you have. I've tried craigslist with no results. Not sure if they have it up there but it might be worth a shot. 

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I'm surpised your having a

I'm surpised your having a hard time finding a place to hunt, hawkeye, have you tried just knocking on ranchers doors, in oregon they'll almost pay you to hunt them.

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Alberta Yotes


If you're still interested in an Alberta hunt, email me. I'm a serious coyote hunter in central Alberta. Use: trigpres@@@telus.net (use only one @, of course)


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