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Alberta Bison Hunt

I hear you can hunt free ranging Bison in northern Alberta. Has anyone done it? Tell me your experience, if you would please.

Any comments would be useful at this point. Thanks!

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Alberta Bison Hunt

Yes I did when I lived there. It is a good hunt and a difficult one. Very involved as it is remote and you need a lot of equipment to do it as you will need several snowmobiles and sleds, wall tents and equipment to camp 50 to 100 miles back in the bush. Temperatures will be cold, as in -30 or colder.

This is very remote country with lots of swamps and muskeg and you can't access most of it until it is all frozen and you have sufficient snow.....ie Dec through March/April. The hunting is around the fringe of Wood Buffalo national Park........a long drive from Michigan.

There are outfitters that offer hunts out of Ft. McMurray, but they are not cheap.

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