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alaskan moose hunt

My buddie and I are planning a alaskan moose float hunt. We plan on doing it unguided. We are looking into going threw pristine ventures with larry bartlett for a hunt plan and outfitting us with rafts and his knowledge of the river and hunt areas. Has anyone had any previous experience with his hunts? Thanks in advance

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alaskan moose hunt

I have no experience with him. I have done a float trip unguided however and it was incredible! great hunt and great experience.

Whatever you do don't use Willow Air Service. They are Mean, hateful acting people and just flat rude.

Two guys on this kind of trip is perfect. It is a lot of work so be ready, but it is a ton of fun!

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I have not used his guide

I have not used his guide services but have two of his rafts and have quized him on hunting areas and he has been more than helpful.


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I have never use an outfiter

I have never use an outfiter service before but I've completed many float hunts with my brother and I just want to assure you that your about to have one of the most memorable adventures of your life! Good luck!

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