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Alaska Won't Use Income Factor for Tier II Scoring

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Alaska Won't Use Income Factor for Tier II Scoring

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Alaska Won't Use Income Factor for Tier II Scoring

This certainly won't be the last heard on this topic. The Nelchina hunt is too accessible, and there's a lot of hunters in Los Anchorage that want to get in there. It seems to me that taking income out of the equation further weakens the "subsistence" theory behind the hunt. IMO they ought to just go above board and issue a limited number of draw hunts that avoid the "subsistence" terminology altogether. There are enough caribou in there that they should be able to accomodate subsistence hunters and sport hunters alike.

Alaska tends to not do a good job in this regard. The Fortymile herd hunt, for example, is a circus. By going with open registration until the right number of animals is reached, they set up conditions for massive numbers of hunters in a small area, and for someone to shoot an animal after the season is closed when the quota is reached. Generally, Chicken is packed with hunters on opening day of the hunt, and it's like an episode of "Rescue 911" out there. There needs to be a better way of managing it to extend the season more than the handful of days it is now in order to improve safety and the quality of experience.

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Alaska Won't Use Income Factor for Tier II Scoring

Ya, they gave all the permits to Ahtna Native Corp. Good luck to all you non-Ahtna unit 13 residents. Help!

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