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alaska spring bear

Can anyone recommend an outfitter/guide for a spring bear hunt?

Also looking for lodges at will cater to bear hunters as well as fishing



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alaska spring bear

Are wanting an outfitter this year or next? Contact Gary at WILDAK I've guided for Gary he has both spring Black's and Brown"s. He'll give you a good hunt I think all his spring hunts are in unit 16.

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alaska spring bear

9_er, did you get set up on a spring bear hunt in AK? If not, though its very short timing, we do have a few openings we could fill, and we have openings for hunts in the fall. This would not be in a lodge as you mentioned, but on a live aboard boat that specializes in the fishing and bear hunting that you are looking for. Let me know if you want to talk more. In any case, good luck getting on a great hunt.

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