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Alaska dept. F&G

To all of you whom have hunted Alaska and all who wish to,
The dept of F&G in AK. has oversteped the bounds of good management and herd preservation all in the name of gread.
I belive it is our resposability as hunters and sportsmen/women to stand up for what we live for and love...HUNTING.. the ADF&F has introduced a proposal to wipe out the Caribou populations in northern AK. they have uped the bag limit to 5 per day for everyone. I do not know exact numbers but this is over 1675 per person, there is no for sure number record of hunters but it is way in excess of 1500. the area in jepardy has a herd number of around 60,000 caribou,this includes the combination of two smaller herds.( You add these up for youself) If you love to hunt and see game as much as I do, it is your resposability to speak up against this .( proposal #104 alaska game board) This is a very hard thing to find out about as they are keeping it low key till they have passed it. before our priveleges are ruined by bad management, please speak up!.. there is also a bill# HB267. this is intendent on opening areas ( the same areas) up for snowmachine use through restricted areas and accessing open lands, the thing that is left out is that this is mainly sponsored by those who will finacialy benifit.( snowmobile/ATV dealers) this will intersept the caribou migrations and push them from there normal wintering grounds. it will also stress them when it is most critical to the survival of the herds. there are those in suport of this who are not from the area it will afect, they wish to go there as a result of poor management in thier own areas where the game has been devistated by hunting presure.(although the wolves do get some, they are not the problem) The Alaska Dept of F&G makes the money off of sales of tags, (I am a Vender) they are given 3 dollars on the dollar from the feds for management of game, this is hipocritical to good management. If we stand up now, we may be able to preserve our rights and the rights of our children for generations to come to all enjoy the hunt. please do your reserch and let ADF&G know where we stand as hunters and sportsmen/women. If we do nothing, we will have no one to blame but our selves. Please help. :rotest1

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Re: Alaska dept. F&G

Hearing of HB 267 in Transportation Committee March 11th 2010

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