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Alaska Black Bear

I've been in Alaska working for over a month now and I finally got a bit of time to hunt. The black bears are finally out, although I was surprised since the snow around here is still well over 3 feet deep in most places. The bear was layed out and not stretched and measured 7'2" long. I'm not sure how to stretch em to or if stretching them gives ya a more true measurement, as this is my first bear so I didn't worry bout it. Either way, its a real nice bear I think. The skull has rough scored at 20 1/2 right now and in 60 days I'll let a guy at home score it to find out for sure.

The bear was shot with a 12ga from 50 yards using 600 grain Brenneke slugs. He only went 30 yards before piling up. I was damn impressed with how hard they hit.

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Alaska Black Bear

Nice!! Looks like a good hide, too -- at least what you can see. What part of the state are you in? I'm up in the interior.

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Alaska Black Bear

Truely a nice no great bear! To bad it is you first now you will never be satisfied with a little bear Laugh Laugh

7 foot is a big bear. When you having me out to hunt? Thumbs up


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Alaska Black Bear

The hide was not rubbed anywhere that I could see. It is in great shape. The bear was shot south of McGrath. This one will be hard to top for sure. Guess I should have started out with something smaller. Laugh Laugh Laugh

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Alaska Black Bear

Thumbs up Thumbs up

Looks like a beauty! Big SOB! Good on ya.
Mr. Cool!

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Alaska Black Bear

very nice bruin Thumbs up

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Alaska Black Bear

nice bear. congrats and your right it will be hard to top that one.

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Alaska Black Bear

Awesome bear.... Thumbs up

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Alaska Black Bear

Beautiful bear you got there. Congradulations! Well done. I'm heading for the bear woods myself in two more weeks.

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Nice Bear!!!

Great bear you have and congratulations.
Bears are just coming out here in Gods lake Manitoba so hope to get a nice one as well.

Once again Congrats

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