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Airgun Hunting for raccoons, foxes, rabbits, woodchucks, and squirrels ?

I would use a Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 .22 caliber. I would only hunt foxes because they are starting to get in the farms more often and more come. My neibor is a farmer and woulld like to take care of them for a with a low noise option. My friend has one but it is now broken ( I t was the .177 caliber anyway ), but it took a big coon from 30 yards away with a head shot. So I am guessing it has enough power for up close shots. What do you think ?

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It will work fine


That should work just fine. When I was a kid I took many a critter with my Daisy 880 .177 caliber out to that distance. With these new high speed pellet rifles I would have no issue taking down any small game.

Good luck on your hunt !


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