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Aim small

I have always heard and I always try to execute the "aim small, miss small" philosophy by trying to hit a single point on the target instead of being content to simply hit a larger area.  I never knew how big of difference that could truly make until I switched archery targets recently.  I found that my groups improved when I switched between my bag and broadhead target.  I was shooting my Cabelas bag target that is painted multiple colors with large bullsyes.  My broadhead target is a Blackhole that, as the name implies, is entirely black.  I simply pick a spot on that target, and shoot my first arrow.  Then I use that first arrow as my point of aim for each of my consecutive shots.  I found that my orange and red vanes are easier to see against the black target, creating a very precise and identifiable small target.  Even though I was trying to aim small on my bag target, by being able to physically identify a better small target, I was able to improve my shooting.  

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

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Only way to do it !!


I was taught this from the time I was 6 years old by my father. You keep shooting at your arrow though you will eventually hit it. Take a white piece of paper (several) about the size of a quarter or nickle and put it on your target. This way you will keep from repairing or replacing arrows.

One more thing while hunting with your bow. You can use the same principle and aim small miss small. Find a tuft of hair out of place or off colored hair even if it not in that exactly perfect spot as long as it is in the kill zone and see how it improves your hunting performance. This can even work with your rifle.

Good luck this year !