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Age/Size MI Black Bear

Hey guys,

Had a trail cam out scouting deer and got this picture. Bears are not real common in my area, so I honestly have no idea how to age, sex or estimate the size of a bear. All I can tell you is that it is about 20 yards from the camera in this picture if that is of any use. I appreciate all input and opions, I'm just curious to know approx age weight and sex if anyone has the ability to tell. Thanks a bunch!

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Sorry the picture quality

Sorry the picture quality isn't the best

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Welcome to the forum There

Welcome to the forum

There really isn't enough deffenition of the bear to really tell you much more thant it is a black bear.  So just a wag I would say that it is around 150 lbs.  As far as sex I would say yes..

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hard to tell

I agree its hard to tell, but 150 lbs and 2 or 3 years old is not a bad guess.

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Not a big bear.

Age tought to tell and size dosent always tell you that.  I once shot a 175 lb dry sow that was 11 years old!

Sex, hmmmmm