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Afternoon Predator Hunt

Well at work Sunday night 7pm to 7am and intending to go home Monday morning sleep till about 1 in the afternoon and then Christmas shop, plans were changed. Steve my cranemen texts me and asks what I'm doing the next day. Well, he invites me to go do some coyote hunting on a piece of property east of I-25 he has permission to elk hunt on.

The property is a few hundred acres mostly pasture land but the south end has some canyons and drops down into some valleys. Perfect predator habitat and better yet Steve tells me no one has called in here for ages if ever for yotes. Well, knowing I would suffer still couldn't pass up an offer like that and did my Christmas shopping in the morning after work and then went home and waited for Steve to pick me up. I was hurting there for awhile but powered thru and after getting there and meeting the rancher we head to our first set up. Wind was perfect for our direction sun was at our back as we set up in the cedars where a canyon came up from the bottom. Set up the decoy and Primos Alpha Dogg and started off with some interrogation howls.

On the second set of howls had what sounded like four or five dogs errupt into howls and yips. They sounded close not more then 200 hundred yards at most and I felt good we'd have some action. Went into rabbit distress and while scanning back and forth I look across where Steve's at and see a coyote come to the opposite side of the tree he was set up on catch his scent and turn back into the thick the stuff. I glance back into my kill zone and there's a big dog facing head on to me and the decoy at 45 yds stopped still. I grab the shotgun and hit him head on. He went down I thought for good and let the call keep running to see if we might get another to come in. Well, after a few minutes I see that yote struggling off and half to get up grab the AR and give chase running about 75 yards thru cedars before I can finally get a bead on him and kill him. Truly tough both front legs were broken.

Second stand after about ten minutes of calling I spot one about 200 yards off coming in fast thru the thick stuff. She had to cross a small ravine and popped up fast right in front of me at about twenty yards. For newbies I'll point out stand location is so critical I was in the shadows cedar at my back and sun at my back into the coyotes eyes when she came in, she didn't even see me raise and blast her. She was down fast and clean at that range with the dead coyote T shot.

A very fun afternoon and even managed to get home and run a couple errends with the wife before going unconscience about 10:00 last night. And, thanks to Steve for a fun afternoon hunt can't wait to do it again.

Merry Christmas to all!

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That was a great

That was a great pre-Christmas gift - Congrats!  And Merry Christmas!

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Nice job

That sounds like fun to me. I have'nt been out much lately as daytime temps are not very warm and night time temps are dipping close to -40 F

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Very nice Dog! Congrats,

Very nice Dog! Congrats, definately a fun afternoon hunt!!!  Good way to fulfill the hunting itch between seasons.

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