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You bring up a very good argument that doesn't favor the neck/head shot.

I think one has to be very aware of thier capabilities and be honest about it. Would I take a neck/head shot right now? Maybe, but with some caveats. One of those caveats being that I shoot from prone. The other caveat being that the distance is 100 yards or less. For longer than that distance I'll opt for the heart/lung region on deer.

Earlier this year, last month in fact, I put a bullet in a deer that from all indications was a solid heart/lung hit. Ten hours of looking later, no deer to be found. I feel good about where I hit him, coughing up blood and traveling downhill tends to confirm that my buck was wounded, but no venison in the freezer this year for me. That has me questioning my choice of bullets and tomorrow I'm going to the rifle range to start my practice for next year. I'll shoot throughout the year and maybe even try some different bullets over the course of the year to see how my rifle likes them.

Thank you for bringing up another side to this proposition that some of us, myself included, may not have been inclined to consider until you posted it.



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neck shots...

We were raised shooting does in the head b/c we used them for the meat, and bucks in the neck. We never really had a problem, and usually if you miss it's clean and no worries, but if you hit, they don't go anywhere. Even my son's shot them that way and he's 7. I think you have to decide what you're comfortable with, and what you're using it for. We are big deer meat people, so we can't waste all that shoulder meet from shoulder shots, and at times can't worry about the infamous heart shot, where then you trail them for hours and still no deer.

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Where I grew up it the deer

Where I grew up it the deer hunt was either sex for quite a few years.  Now in those years I saw quite a few does running around for a couple of days with their lower jaws broken and hanging down from hunters that tried head shots.  The problem was that when a animal runs off after you try a head shot you normally think that you missed when in fact you hit it in a non fatal spot.  At least until it is either shot by another hunter or it dies from starvation.   

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