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After hitting a gator....


Not sure what is more odd, the ladies response to hitting the gator, or the fact that she was arrested....

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After hitting a gator....


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After hitting a gator....

Wow, I would like to know what was going through this lady's head!! How does a competent driver fail to see a six foot alligator in the middle of the road? Being a Friday, I think its probably safe to assume that this lady may have been a little intoxicated!!

Now this lady can add to her crimial resume: "Driving with a suspended license, walking away from the scene of an accident, and the best - Harboring a lethal alligator!!"

Then to finish this story off: her valiant attempt to save the alligator made her look like a moron, her time spent lifting the injured animal into her car was lost, the damaged mail-box will need to be replaced, and in the end the alligator still died.

Some people never cease to amaze me!!

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