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African Research Camp on Large Mammalian Carnivores

I finally sent off all my application materials for the research position in Kenya for this summer. It is going to be insanely competitive but I hope I can get it. It consists of conducting research on large mammalian carnivores such as lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, jackals and hyenas. Wish me luck!

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That would be pretty cool, as

That would be pretty cool, as long as you are not the bait... Wink

Best of luck!  That would be an amazing opportunity!

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:=D>  Now that sounds like a

:=D>  Now that sounds like a cool way to spend the summer.  I hope you get it because it would be quite the adventure and learning experience.  Of course, if you do you have to post about the experience, but not if we have another contest going lol

What is your thesis?  Who is sponsoring the study?

On second thought, ignore my questions as they just give you an opportunity to post and score more points.  You know I am kidding - right?  Seriously, tell us more about the research you hope to do.

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