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African Hunt in Oct for limited plains and Cape Buf

Hello guys,

I will be traveling to Zambia for my Oct hunt and had a few questions I was hoping to get answered.

--Any plains game that are an absolute must also is it worth it to shoot a hipp or croc? My current list: Puku, Impala, maybe Kudu, and other feedback welcome

--Taxidemist--Any suggestion of a good one to mount my animals? Would like a well established operation, and stress would like a good mount. Feedback would be very helpful.

Gear--Any specific gear I should plan on for my hunt? Clothes, boots, etc?

First time hunting with the outfitter and agent so is their anything I need to watch out for or be clear on?

Any feedback on these issues or any issues you may feel relevant would be greatly appreciate.


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You sure have a lot of open ended questions.
Whether or not a hippo or croc is worth to shoot is all up to the shooter. Personally, I have no desire to shoot either but to some they are a great trophy. It all depends on your own wants, desires and pocketbook.
As far as taxidermist, that also depends on where you are from and how far you want to ship. One of the best taxidermist around is Keller Taxidermy from Pennsylvania who has mounted all of my African animals and most of my North American as well. He's a higher priced taxidermist, but the outcome is outstanding.
Clothes I'd have light weight clothing, long pants and couple pairs of shorts. I never wore shorts while hunting in Africa because of all the thorns there are. I never hunted in Zambia, but the other areas I had some kind of thorns around. Boots I would recommend soemthing lightweight and with ankle support.
Since you are going in October which is Spring in Africa have insect repellent, updated shots, and be mindful of snakes while you're there.
Who is the outfitter you are hunting with? Be aware of dip & pack costs. Shipping costs and all inclusive trophy fees.
Any more questions, I'll help you what I can.

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Africa Hunt-Cape Buf

Thanks for the reply. I am on the fence on Croc and hippos, I do not have a great interest, but who knows if I will get another chance. I am leaning towards no on those two.

I am from Chicago, while that taxidermist may work I would like something closer. But will not rule that recommendation out.

I am going with Muchinga Adventures ship and pack fees about 1150, assorted fees 1000, concession fees 1000 and 2250 for the cape trophy fees.

Sounds reasonable? Total Cape hunt including Cape trophy fees=11800, does not include charter flight into the bush or trophy fees on other plains game.

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I'm not familiar with the outfit you booked with, but I am assuming that that price includes any government licenses and taxes. If that is an all inclusive price, the price isn't too bad. How much is the bush flight?
Just make sure they don't try to hit you with any hidden costs. How did you hear about the outfitter you're going with?
Please be sure to let me know how you make out on the hunt when you return. Would love to hear.

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African Hunt in Oct for limited plains and Cape Buf

I was in Zambia a few weeks ago. It's a good country to hunt although there is some variability with the outfitters and PHs.

Hippo is a fine animal to hunt, particularly if you are prepared to take one in the morning at first light while they are out the water. Hippo spend most of the day lying in the river, with just their eyes, nose and ears showing. Most people shoot them like this although there is little danger and you just need to be a good shot and be able to hit the brain (about the size of an orange) at up to 100 yards. If you like a serious challenge, it would be far better if you can take one at first light as it moves back to the river: don't get between him and the water though, or you could be another supporting statistic showing that hippos kill more people in Africa than any other animal.

As regards taxidermy, there is one in Lusaka although it enjoys a reputation for taking many years to complete and ship the bag. It would probably be better to ask your outfitter to send your trophies to South Africa, which is a lot more efficient.

I would encourage you to buy "Zambia, A Country Report" from http://www.huntingreport.com. This gives vital information on areas and outfitters. Johnny Du Plooy of Muchinga Adventures gets a good mention and you have probably identified a good outfitter.

Good luck

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African Hunt in Oct for limited plains and Cape Buf

good luck in zambia. i have not been there but would like to go. go with some comfortable boots that are well worn in and they will keep your feet happy. definitely go for the croc and hippo if you can. maybe on my next trip.

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Cape Buffalo hunt

Thanks all for the information. I did check huntingreports.com before I booked the trip and received nothing but positive info.

I hear ya on the comfortable boots and wearing them in before I go. Thanks again

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African Hunt in Oct for limited plains and Cape Buf

Hi JSCRAM, I've no axe to grind and don't cover this country, so if you'd like some specific advice regarding preparation and equipment, feel free to shout.

One thing that we find catches out quite a few people is altitude - I cover the Etosha region of Namibia mostly and it's 4500 - 5000 ft above sea level - and it makes a hell of a difference to those not used to walking / carrying a pack / rifle in tose conditions, and combine altitude with heat and humidity....

Top tips from Roo:

Good boots - and make them 100% leather so the sharp grasses don't penetrate and make sure they are well worn in first.

Good hat and not a baseball cap - you need something with a brim to keep the sun off your neck

Sharp knife - I usually take 4 and the means to sharpen them!

Exercise daily before you travel - I walk my hound wearing a 50lb backpack each morning - helps with the conditioning and the altitude - and if you're thinking about walking for 10/15/20 miles a day, practise doing that while carrying circa 15lbs before you go - like 2-3 months before you go!

There's more, but I don't want to hijack your thread - but please feel free to PM me if you'd welcome some impartial advice!

Oh - and if I don't hear from you - good luck on your hunt and please be careful with those Hippo and crocs, they don't take prisioners generally!

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