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africa stories

i found this on another fokilled in jumbo attacks

Beitbridge Bureau
May 11, 2010

THREE people here, among them, a three- year-old toddler, were last week killed by elephants in two separate incidents in Chabili Village under Chief Matibe.

The body of one of the victims, a man aged about 40, was picked near his maize field in an advanced state of decomposition on Wednesday afternoon.

The other two victims, a woman and her baby were killed near the Limpopo River the following day.

Police officer commanding Beitbridge District Chief Superintendent Hosiah Mukombero yesterday confirmed the incidents.

"Our officers are still down on the ground and we expect to hear from them soon," he said.

Relatives of the deceased man said he was attacked last Saturday night when he went to chase a herd that had strayed into his maize field.

"Apparently, the man heard elephants breaking into his maize field on Saturday night. He then armed him self with a machete and a sjambok and went to the field where he chased them away using the sjambok. He later tried to repair the fence where the elephants had entered through. During the process he was attacked by a bull elephant that had been tracking the other herd.

"We took time to discover his body as he lived alone since his wife had visited relatives at Flora Farm in Mwenezi District. He was, however, discovered by a herdboy who then informed members of the community. We found some struggle marks and his sjamboks and machete next to his body," said Mr Phillimon Mbedzi, a relative of the deceased.

africa is a dangerous place Think

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Re: africa stories

I am a Outfitter and you know you haveto have respect for any wild animal out their. The problem is that the humans are take over the wild aniamls area and their will be conflict from time to time but to take on a elephant bull on like that is the same you taking a knife fight to a gunfight. It is still tragic that that persons lost their lives and I hope the goverment relise their is a problem in the area.
So bodem line respect the nature out their and you will servive.

Hunting Greetings
Benno & Eileen Liebenberg. Shame on You!

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Wow... this is

Wow... this is pretty sobering. It must be a whole different world living in a place where animals still kill a relatively significant number of people. 

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sad but really now?

It is a tragedy but really now, this guy went out to chase elephants away? What was he thinking?

This would be like reading a story from Alaska that says a guy got killed trying to chase a grizzley bear out of his garbage can.

Lets use some caution with the big critters folks!

It's just common sense after all.

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Groovy, I don't think you're

Groovy, I don't think you're analogy is quite right.  I think it is not someone chasing an animal away from their garbage, but from their livelihood.

Many of the farmers in Africa are poor and struggling.  Allowing the elephants to destroy his crops could spell starvation and death for his family and him, thus, it made sense for him to chase away the elephants even if it meant risking his life.  I am sure most of us would do the same for our families.

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ok, you are right

CVC I'll concede that you are right about that, but I still hold that it was not the smartest thing to do. 

Even if you have a gun weilding thug in your retail outlet, you still gotta use your head and decide whether to charge or better arm yourself first. 

Maybe its because as a young child I was chased by both the neighbors dog, and our family bull that I have a lot of respect for large animals.  I knwo too many men that have been severaly injured or killed by animals that were not even trying to hurt them, let alone those that were.  It is real easy for a draft horse to cripple a man.  I have to believe it is even easier for an elephant to kill him without even meaning to, let alone if you are threatning mama pachyderms calf....

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Here's how dangerous it can be...

I took this picture last fall while hunting buffalo in the Save Valley Conservancy of Zimbabwe.

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tim416 wrote:

I took this picture last fall while hunting buffalo in the Save Valley Conservancy of Zimbabwe.

That’s a great reminder Tim416. 

That’s a good lucking buffalo in your avatar by the way too!


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