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Africa Hunt 2010

I may well end up in Rwanda this coming Feb.
Never really thought about hunting Africa, but seeing how I'm gonna be there anyway, I might as well look into the options.

Any hunting there (or nearby)?

Considering the countries history, the case may be to avoid being the hunted rather than the hunter.

Thanks in advance

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Africa Hunt 2010

a quick internet check showed paris hilton hunting souvenirs and hunting killers of people. i believe rwanda and burundi are both intensively cultivated due to population sizes and this may prohibit sizeable populationtions of animals. good luck. Think

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Africa Hunt 2010

There's no hunting in Rwanda but there is in Tanzania, which is next door. Nearest area is probably Burigi which I hunted extensively a year after the refugees went through........ if I remember correctly, it was an OA then. I believe it was closed to hunting in about 05 or 06, but it might have been reopened now.

Email me at shakari3@mweb.co.za if you need further info and I'll see what I can find out.

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Re: Africa Hunt 2010

Ruanda has stabilized after the genocide. But with the very high human population densities there is very little wildlife left, apart from the protected areas in the mountains which harbours the mountain gorillas. The is (used to be??) a small park in the lowlands but it probably is not functional anymore. Yes, your best et would be to hunt in Tanzania.

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