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I love those photo's! maybe

I love those photo's! maybe someday I can make a trip there just to take photo's of the animals. The best deer I've ever shot have all been shot with a camera.

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Africa, here we come!

Arrowflipper, It looks like you have a great trip planned. Your choice of a .338 will be more than adequate for the animals that you have on your wish list. Bullet placement is way more important than bullet diameter.

You should have no trouble bagging the five animals that you listed in your 10 hunting days. Odds are good that you'll even shoot multiple animals per day.

You posted that you're considering other animals. I'd strongly consider some of the smaller antelopes: Duiker, Common or Mountain Reedbucks, Steenbok, etc. They are not too pricey and can be fun to hunt.

As was also suggested, the Nyala is a bit pricey, but is one of the most beautiful of the antelopes, and is indigenous to the Kwa-Zulu Natal region.

Also listen to your PH. If he points out a ____ and says, "That is a very good ___, you should shoot it," you probably won't regret shooting it after you get home.

Hope you have a great trip!

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Please beware

Hello and hope this finds you well, I am sending you this so you make sure of a few things while on your hunt in South Africa.

one is stay clear of a outfitter by the name of Barry Burchell. With Frointer Safirs. Because of him it will be in your best to insure all your paperwork were you hunt is in order and it is a place that does all the paper work to the letter of the law of South Africa.

There a lot of things going to change for the better there. Because noe they know how Barry Burchell imported game to the USA under false paperwork and many hunters had all there game taken.

all so there is no tax. ( VAT ) witch is there tax. Barry Burchell over the years stole many thousands 

of dollars from countless Hunters from America. But worst of all after doing this for so long he has never tried to make things right with any hunter .

when and if you do leave the ranch you are taking to . Please make sure all places have permission for the animals you are going to take and make sure you get a copy of all permits needed.

as for having your animals done over there bad idel. They tell you it is cheaper to have it done there.

what they don't tell you, is in the long run you pay much more on the shipping because of the space the creat takes up after the animals are mounted. At the end no savings at all.

just food for thought. And do hope this helps.






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Zander Osmers Safaris

Hallo Everyone we are new to the forum and would like to introduce our comany to you.

We are in the hunting industry for 35 years now it is a family business. We hunt the best concession in South-Africa it is the Selati Game Reserve 75 000 Acres we are the only outfitter that hunts this prestine reserve for the last 20 Years and we are new in the States. Been doing all the hunting conventions for the last 3 years.

Please look at our website: www.zanderosmerssafaris.com

Contact me if you need a quote or any references that was hunting with us the last couple of years.


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