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Africa, here we come!

Can you say EXCITED!  Just put down my deposit for a July of 2013 hunt at Chamanzi Zulu Outfitters of South Africa.  My wife and I will be traveling together on my 10 day hunt.  It just doesn't get any better...... hunt in Africa and have your wife of 47 years along. 

So far, I've committed to five animals, Bushbuck, Springbuck, Impala, Warthog and Blue Wildabeast.  Might add a common zebra or some other animals as we get closer.  I took a dandy Kudu, a gold medal Gemsbok and a mountain zebra my only other time in Africa. 

Can't wait!  Anyone have any suggestions?

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Africa is the only place I've

Africa is the only place I've never been that I want to go to. It's got to be special there. I ever do make it I'm leaving the guns home and taking cameras. Have a great trip!

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Very nice!  Can't wait to see

Very nice!  Can't wait to see photos and stories after your trip!  You have a little time to wait, but I bet that time will fly by!!

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How about a Nyala, that would

How about a Nyala, that would be a great addition. I just booked my friend and I for a

trip in 2013 as well, this will be his first trip, should be fun. Good luck on your trip.

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And to think that I got

And to think that I got excited about the trip that I just returned from a couple of weeks ago up in British Colombia after the grizzly.  I can just imagine what you are feeling about going to Africa. 

I know that you have probably done this before but I found out that if I got a folder and placed all my information about the trip with a list of what to take and what to think about taking helped.  Not to mention a check off list as I got things done for the trip.  Then the week before I left I was left thinking if everything was taken care of, which it was. 

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I like

I like the folder idea.  I do keep lists and check them often.  Just this morning, my wife and I were talking about starting a list of things we don't want to forget.  At least half the fun of a hunt is the planning and preparation.  A great reason for booking a year in advance is all the time you have to think and dream about it. 

One of the things we're looking forward to most is our visit to the Zulu village.  Only a few of the guests who go each year are invited up to the village and we are lucky enough to be chosen.  (or maybe we have the right connections)  The tribe puts on a show for us with dancing and singing.  We are starting now to collect items to take to the children.  This just adds to our total African experience.

I'd like to harvest a plethora of animals but as a retired school teacher, funds just won't allow that.  I'm choosing carefully which animals I like best and will fit my budget..... and trophy room.  Taking the animal is only the beginning of the cost.  Dipping and shipping are substantial and if you have ever had animals mounted, you know how that can add up.  Ya see, I'm already starting to dream.  I'm sitting here thinking about which animals would look best on my trophy room wall and where I will put them.  Let the dreaming begin!!

In my original post, I mentioned that my wife and I will have been married for 47 years when we go to Africa.  That made us sound old.  WE AIN'T OLD!!!!  I don't know where all those years went, but we're still young and vibrant and active.... in lots of ways.  smile

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Very COOL !


Its super cool you and your wife get to go on "another" adventure of a lifetime ! I wish you all the best on a safe and wonderful trip and I can't wait to read all about it. Take lots of great pics ! Thumbs up

As far as which animals I would have to say all of them ! Good luck and enjoy !


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Have a great time out there

Have a great time out there and be careful. Big smile

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congratulations on your

congratulations on your upcoming hunt. i would second the nyala if you can swing it. that is a beautiful trophy. the bushbuck is also a great one. what caliber rifle are you taking? please sent in pictures when you return.

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I'm taking my Browning 338. I know lots of people think a 375 might be the perfect rifle for Africa, but I love my 338 and shoot it well. It dropped my kudu and zebra on the spot so I know it will do the job.

I'll take tons of pictures and my wife will take even more. I generally write up my hunts as stories, so I'm sure I'll be posting when I get home.

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Congrats Arrow Flipper, My wife of 21 years and I are booked with Mankananza Safaris on the Eastern Cape for April 20 2013. We will be there for 12 days. It is our first trip to the "Dark Continant". We are very excited to say the least. My wish list includes, Kudu (of course), Gemsbok (of course again), Impala, Blesbok, SpringBok and hoping to be able to afford an Eland by then. Good luck to you and your wife. Kevin

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