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Africa Bow Hunt

Does anyone know what a 10 day bow hunt would cost for 2 in Africa, in general? Never been there before, just curious on what most people are paying!

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Africa Bow Hunt

Depends on the animals hunted and the outfitter.

I plan to go to Africa to bowhunt and found two outfits that look pretty good.

Google Ken Moody and Dries Visser and see what they offer.

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Africa Bow Hunt

i agree it depends on what you`re looking for. here`s a good place to start.


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Namibia hunt


I know a farm where you can go for 10 days, all accomodation, meals, drinks, insurance and transfers from airport included for $5000 per person. If you can get 4 or more it will be $4000 per person. On top of this you will have to pay for your airfares and the trophy fees (varying between $80-$2500, depending on what you want to shoot).

Let me know if you want more info and I can send it thru.


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Africa Bow Hunt

Try Bushmen Safaris, they are archery only.
I hunted there in 05 and would strongly recomend them!