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affordable hunting

i have never been to there to hunt moose always wanted to till my buddy went and told me just how it was. he went with 4 guys and like the post befor this said you have to haul everything out after one of the guys shot one on the 2nd day it was to late for anyone else to hunt it took 2days to get it out. walking 1/2 mile in 8" of mud and then god knows how many miles in the tall grass and timber he said to me i will never go back unless it is fully guided with horses and 4 wheelers and boats involved and that would be almost impossible to have. So for some of you think twice befor going moose hunting in Alaska. however i do need to kill a grizz any info on a low budget hunt let me know. I have killed 3 black bears in 2 states my next will be a grizz. (unless i draw utah this spring).

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affordable hunting

The only way to get a cheap griz hunt as a non-resident in AK is to have a close family member that can hook you up. By law, brown bear and goats require a professional guide if you're a non-resident. The only exception is close family members of residents.

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It seems after reading all

It seems after reading all dozen or so posts that I still have a lot to check out for a future alaska hunt. I always wondered why it would be so spendy but seems like you have to have an outfitter, plain tickets, tags, license, food, blah blah blah, does anyone know of some good reading about how to prepare to hunt alaska?

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I have pretty much accepted

I have pretty much accepted that it is going to be expensive. I will have to wait a long time to get up there but I know it will be worth the money to do it the right way and get a guide on a good long hunt. 

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