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If you ask a hundred "experts" you'll get a hundred different versions as answers.
Visit the Safari Club and Outdoor shows and you can meet the people face to face.Looking them in the eye will tell you all you need to know,take your wife or girlfriend with if you cant always decide on people.The bigger shows aren't cheap,but worth it.
I'm a veteran at these shows and this point hits home every year.

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alaska6.5hunter wrote:
I'm new. I live and hunt in Alaska.

I was wondering if a blue-c


ollar guy can afford an african hunt for plains game(deer family). A friend wanted me to join him and he says around $3000 plus airfare, this includes 7 days Kudu, impala, wildebeast? . Can that really be done or is there large $$$ trophy fees? thanks.


Wow! I first posted this 2 years ago, and still haven't hunted Africa. My military deployment to the sandbox is causing me to miss Alaska's summer of fishing with the family, bear hunting, island deer hunting and general moose and caribou season. What a let down.

After October 2010, I'll try to find an African hunt, maybe a value cancelation or last minute to save a few bucks. Not trying to cheap out, but as stated by other members....why throw buckets of money if not necessary. I had recently tried for a Safari Club hunt and a Ducks Unlimited plains game safari, but better paid fellows beat me out. If anyone can suggest a good and fair priced hunt I 'm interested in all european mounts and would like to hunt some of the following: Eland, kudu, oryx, wilbebeest, hartbeest, impala, warthog, gemsbok.

I could also work out some kind of partial trade in use of a modern Alaskan cabin between Anchorage and Denali National Park( for a vacation base, hunting base, fishing base, hiking, atv riding, snowmobiling), or perhaps a hunting or fishing trip.
Anyway, if anyone knows of such a hunt please let me know. I do know that prices have changed since originally posting.

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sorry to hear about your deployment over there. my son spent a tour there with the marines. anyway, i can recommend "die Keiler" in Namibia. (look up die keiler and it should bring up their website. this is a group of 5 hunting farms.) i have hunted with two of them and would not hesitate to go back with them. there are other quality places in namibia as well (check out ndumo safaris too) as noted before, check out the daily rate, whether there is a separate transfer fee from the airport (some charge half a day rate for each leg), the availability of the named animals and whether you have to move around some. some PHs will recommend one taxidermy place over another, many are good. good luck. Applause

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Im starting to think that if I could do a hunt there for 10,000 it would be well worth it. I looked into a caribou hunt that’s 2 animals and it was over 10gs. Africa is looking better all the time!

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you could do a great african

you could do a great african plains game hunt for $10,000 and get a lot more than two caribou. go for it!!!!!!!

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