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advice for newbie

I'm an absolute novice to muzzleloaders and would appreciate any advice you all could give me. I'm going to try elk with a muzzleloader this fall. I've been doing a little research and I am thinking that I wat to go with a more traditional style rifle. I'm leaning towards a Lyman Deerstalker, stainless, in .54 caliber. I plan on shooting conicals, maybe the TC maxi-ball. Anyone have experience with these? Am I on the right track here? Thanks for your input.

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advice for newbie

Sounds like you're on the right track. I'll offer you the same advice I offer everyone who wants to get started in black powder hunting: check your local game laws first and foremost! Every state is different. What's legal in one may not be legal in another. Few gun shop salespeople know the laws. Most importantly, just because you see something for sale in a local gun store you MUST not assume that it is therefore legal to use for hunting!

I would also recommend this book: http://tinyurl.com/36ruao Pretty much covers everything a newbie needs to know.

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advice for newbie

The best tip that I can give you is make sure you practice with the gun that you choose. I would recomend to anyone who is getting into the sport to shoot at least 6 months prior to the hunt. Make sure your gun is shooting straight for you. As you know you only have one shot. I have missed many deer because I was using someone else's gun. That is why I broke down and bought my own. I don't miss no more. Shoot as often as you can with it. That is the best that I can give. I like the round ball but to each his own. I shoot the round ball with 80grns of pyrodex powder. Hope that helps a little. Good hunting and stay safe in the woods.

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