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advice for good 12 gauge hunter for son
WesternHunter wrote:
Gas operated semi-autos will noticeably reduce felt recoil.

Charles Daley? Don't take this a gospel, but I've know a few guys who have owned them and had nothing but problems and hang-up with them, and not even in the field either, I'm talking about on the trap range. I know these guys well and know that they are all sticklers when it comes to weapons maintanence. Not saying Daleys are junk, just telling you what I've heard.

If you decide on a pump then I think for the price you'd pay for CD, you should just get a Remington 870 Express.

Well, I think I may settle on a nice 870. I found an 870 Wingmaster at a pawn shop for $249, what is the wingmaster? Or I can get a brand new 870 for less than $300 anywhere.

Walmart also had a very nice Browning pump for around $300 I think.

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advice for good 12 gauge hunter for son

The wingmaster is the "elite" of the 870 shotgun. It differs from cheaper 870s in craftsmanship and beauty. It is an excellent choice.

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