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Advice for foreign hunter please

Hello, I'm a newbie to the forum and am hoping that some of you can give me a hand. I'm looking at spending a month in California, north of San Francisco, with my family. We're coming from the New Zealand winter and so am hoping for a second summer and a chance to have a look around. I have, however, gained enough 'brownie points' to be allowed to have a week hunting. I have hunted quite a bit in NZ and am keen to have a look at the possibility of hunting a Black Bear in late June (20th)/early July. From what I can find on the internet there are some states that have spring hunts, but I haven't found a definitive list. In addition I would prefer to rent/borrow a guides rifle to avoid all the problems with taking one of mine etc However I have yet to find any guided sites that mention that option. In the event of this all being resolved I'd also need to organise the hide to be tanned/exported etc.

Anyone got any good recomendations, advice or links I should take a look at?


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