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Advice on Electronic Predator Calls

I'm new to Coyote hunting ( went for the first time last Saturday) and would like to read some opinions on the electronic calls like the Foxpro or PM4 or any other brands you might have used. I have hand held mouth calls but don't have much confidence in my ability to make the correct sounds and I thought I might use an electronic call for a while until I can get the hang of the old school stuff.
I'm hunting in North Idaho, alone most of the time and I don't know anyone around here that calls, so learning from a "mentor" is not an option.
I'm not concerned about the price of the units and am happy to pay more for equipment that works properly. There is nothing more irritating then snowshoeing a couple miles in only to have things not work as they should.
So....any advice?

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Advice on Electronic Predator Calls

rogie, I have three with another on the way. I currently have a remote controlled Phantom Pro, a FoxPro ZR2, and a Johnny Stewart attractor. They are all decent calls with the FoxPro being the best IMO. I wish I would have purchased the remote FoxPro as mine isn't. They will all do the job if you do you're part. I am learning the art of predator calling and here is the key. Any of the calls will work at times what is likely to keep you from seeing predators is set up and call sequence. If you don't call in a natural way especially to educated coyotes they won't come in. Or if you overcall or call to loud. The next thing is if they smell you the gig is up, they aren't coming in. I read a very good article in the latest Predator Xtreme about set up and will share what I remember here.

If you have an electronic call with remote or timer set it up behind you about twenty or forty yards. You get downwind preferably in a crosswind and bordering a likely safe travel route the predator can use to sneak in and try to get downwind of the call. Ninety percent of the time they are going to circle downwind and if you can intercept them along this route while they focus on your call and or decoy if you have one you should get a shot. Also, your e-call placed behind you should be set on fox pup or coyote pup distress on a low volume and you can try some type of rabbit or bird distress where you are located. Sounds like a good strategy and I will be trying it soon.

After reading this article I came to the conclusion I was always setting the call out in front of me and likely had predators seeing me first and or winding me as they circled around. I have invested in a couple of decoys an inexpensive molded rabbit and a remote furry creature with movement. I have an assortment of hand mouth calls as well. You know this sport is addicting and I love that I have become a part of it. It's not easy but if we have the time and patience to learn the proper strategies I believe the action will get better and better. It makes us better hunters overall and will spill over into our other big game pursuits.

In the last year I have invested a good chunk of funds in this hobby and have had a little action and keep learning from my mistakes and it seems to be coming together a little bit more every time I go out.

Good luck!

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The electronic calls above

The electronic calls above are great but calling coyotes is easier than any other type of game calling. You can blow a hand call for five seconds and wait. They will come to it if they are within 2 miles. Just blow an injured rabbit call like you are getting your leg ripped off and don't over call. 5 seconds every 20 minutes is plenty. They lock in on your location instantly when they hear the scream. You don't have to keep blowing for them to find you. The nice thing about an electronic call is that you can place it at a remote location because they often spot the hand caller before the caller spots them

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Good Question

I am glad I came across this I was wondering the same thing. I read the article about the guy calling in the mountain with a remote electronic call.  I am gonna try some of your suggestions.  Im looking forward to coyote when I return home.  Thanks

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